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Spain is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Therefore, visiting Spain is one dream that many people exhibit. There is curiosity as to what really makes Spain one of the favorite travelers’ choice. Therefore, this has led me to come up with a plan that will assist prospective visitors to Spain have an easy time when it comes to planning (Ruíz, M. D. C. C. 2013). It has taken about six months to come up with a plan and the crucial details about what to expect once the trip comes to the fold. This plan in place will be put in action in the month of November. The travelling will take place on the 1st of November and the stay in Spain will last for up to 10th of the same month.
A trip from the United States of America to Spain ranges from $1500 to $2000 dollars depending on the traveler’s location in America. The trip costs entail the return fare from Spain. This is made possible by the fact that we already know the return date (Gonzalez-Alegre, J. 2020). For instance, to travel from Los Angeles to Barcelona, the airfare to travel by Iberia company is $1753 which entails the travel to and return fare. The airline itinerary to travel from Los Angeles to Spain is as shown below (Nenem, S., Graham, A., & Dennis, N. 2020).
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Today’s date: 1st November
Reservation ID: 001/IAL
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Los Angeles to Barcelona 01 November, 2020 (+1)
Flight: Los Angeles to Barcelona Sunday, 1st November, 2020
Departure 7:00PM Los Angeles International Airport
Arrival 7:30AM Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport
Confirmation number Iberia 001/IAL Non-stop
Flight number Iberia IB0010
Flying type Economy Flying time 12hours 30mins
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On arrival in Spain, the traveler has so many options to chose from in terms of hotels and accommodation. Some of the best and affordable are Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Boutique Hotel Casa Volver, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, Almanac Barcelona, Monument Hotel, El Palace Barcelona, Hotel Casa Luz, Hotel Casa Camper, Hotel Neri – Relais & Chateaux, Duquesa de Cardona 4* Sup, ICON BCN by Petit Palace among many others (Sthapit, E., & Jiménez-Barreto, J. 2018). Mercer Hotel Barcelona is the preferred choice in place as it is positioned in central Barcelona. It is very close to Jaume I Metro Station which is about a five minutes-walk to the station to obtain transport. Ciutat Vella is also within the area. This place is well known for its sumptuous food as well as tapas.
Surrounding the hotel are several restaurants as well as drinking joints that a traveler can easily quench their need. This hotel also has a swimming pool situated in the rooftop of the hotel which is a good feature to relax after a long day of excursion. To spend the ten days in this hotel would cost 80 Euros per night and a total of 800 Euros after the ten days. In terms of dollars, it would cost $87.35 per night and a total of $873.34 after the ten days.
To move from one destination to the next across Spain, Renfe rail network comes in as the best as it is distributed across the whole country. Rail-passes could be a bit expensive in such cases and therefore, obtaining promo and ticket is the best cheaper alternative. Train reaches all the major towns in Spain and thus its very important. Cars, subways and buses come in handy when connecting the various main towns to the areas of interest. A traveler can also book a flight from one of the main cities to the next as an alternative to the ground carriages. Purchasing tickets online comes with a discount. The earlier the bookings are made the more a traveler makes more savings. The traveler should also buy the tickets directly from the dealer for instance, Spain’s Spain, Renfe railway network company to eliminate additional costs incurred through the purchase from third parties.
By planning early, one is able to have options. The slower trains are cheaper and therefore, one can leave for their destinations earlier according to their plan and still arrive on time (Tussyadiah, I. P., & Pesonen, J. 2016). The cross-land buses such as Sagalés are a lot cheaper than the subways and the rail transport, they can also access regions that otherwise the train can’t. as for the long-distance visit areas from the residential hotel, early bookings of either the plane or the faster trains online are the best options that a traveler could get. One has to book in advance to travel to and back. Cars, flights and buses at times don’t reach the traveler’s intended destination, rideshare cars come into full usage under such circumstances. They are cheaper, easily accessible and as well flexible as compared to taxis and cars for hire.
Dressing is an art. Spain is one of the countries in the world that has its unique test and fashion specializations. Different dressing codes are applied at different times of the year. Our main focus in this case will be holiday and vocational occasions majorly in the summer. In most cases, weather and culture are the main dressing determinants (Constable, O. R. 2017). Despite that, there is changes towards one culture across the world due to the influence of the internet. The dominant dress code is mostly light clothing which consists of sandals, shirts and blouses, shorts and vests. As a souvenir to adapt to the Spanish culture, one should at least have espadrilles as well as flipflops. For females, skirts, light jeans, flat sandals, shorts and short sleeved blouses seem to be their favored selection. Men on the other hand, t-shirts, sandals, tops that are short-sleeved and occasionally a baseball cap.
Spanish language is an interesting feat to learn. It isn’t a complex language to grasp (Cobb, K., & Simonet, M. 2015). Some of the easy words that can be easily encountered are;
Hola Hello
Amor Love
Sí Yes
Felicidad Happiness
Adiós Good bye
Gracias Thank you
Lo siento I am sorry
Sonreír Smile
Me gusta I like
Bien Well
Grande Big