Personal Life Map
The life of a person, primarily young people, can be understood through the use of graphic representation. This essay aims to elaborate on how the life of a person can be illustrated graphically. The article will focus on a personal life map, which is one of the ways through which the life of a person can be visualized. In the essay, the theoretical part of a personal life map is highlighted before the representation of a life map is developed to create an understanding of what a life map is all about. The significance of visuals methods at understanding the life of a person is highlighted. Finally, the justification of the methods used in coming up with the life map of the young girl is carried out. Through the essay, personal life is expected to be understood more through the use of a graphical approach.
Conceptualizing ‘Personal Life’
According to Morgan (2011), the term ‘personal’ is used to depict the ownership of something. In ordinary life situations, ‘personal’ is used to denote that a particular thing belongs to a given person. The way people relate to given circumstances in life, for example, the social relationships, situations, and other objects as ‘personal,’ is the reason for the characterization of the person, and the reference creates a meaning to the person (Smart, 2007, p. 28). Personal life, according to Smart (2007), can only be defined in relation to the relationship depicted by the person and the circumstances happening in his or her daily life. For this reason, personal life is said to be linked to the social setup in which the person under discussion belongs.
Both interrelationships in the life of a person, be it in the public or private sphere, plays a role in defining personal life. Through the understanding of their own life, one can understand both the life of the person under discussion as an individual and also the comprehension of the patterns of the society in which the person dwells is created. In the community, many factors have an impact on how people live, and these are also understood through a personal life map of the people belonging to that society (May 2011). Of importance to this study is the relationships that happen daily in the life of a person as they form a crucial part of personal life. As people interact in society, various intimacy patterns which are embodied and emotional are created. These intimacy levels, together with relatedness on the way a person feels towards others, play a critical role in determining whether a person will be allowed in the personal life of another or not. For this reason, the choices made in private life have been observed to be interlinked and relational (Davies, 2015; May 2011).
For a long time, the nuclear family and the various relationships in the life of a person have been the core of understanding personal life (Smart, 2007). However, as time went by, multiple changes have taken place within the family set up, and this has led to the development of various relationships apart from the two that had been in existence initially (Lewis, 2001). For this reason, a family has an essential role in elaborating on personal life as there exist various relationships at the family level, examples being parent-children relationships, kin relations, pets, and friends (Smart, 2011). For this reason, the incorporation of the various links at the family level means that peoples’ biographies and intimacies will be useful at understanding personal life.