Same Question with Different Answers

Response 1
Whether young people should make their own selections in regards to careers they want to pursue in the future or be forced to opt for career choices made through the wishes of their parents has long been a topic of discussion. Many might argue that it is within the young people’s rights to decide their careers as it directly affects their future. In contrast, others are of the idea that parents have immense experience to know jobs of great benefit to their offsprings.
Freedom of choice is essential for one to enjoy personal autonomy and control. Allowing youths to make their own decisions about future careers is critical since it enables them to choose careers that they would enjoy. Subsequently, they will have high levels of dedication to their jobs, and this would increase their productivity. Besides, allowing youth’s career decision-making is a simple way of ensuring that most careers nationwide have new entrants, securing the continuity of these careers. Youths have different interests and abilities and are highly likely to distribute themselves among most of the professions in a country.
However, some argue that allowing youths to choose their career paths is unrealistic. Young people are not likely to consider issues such as job security or the level of remuneration, among other critical factors when choosing careers. This might be true. Hence, youths should receive career guidance from career experts.
In my view, giving career advice is not an excuse to override the youth’s wishes. Career coaches must realize their sole responsibility is to offer advice, and it is up to the youth to use this advice to make informed choices. Adults in young people’s lives should not use career advice to impose their wishes and dreams on them. Imposing personal desires on young people takes away their opportunity to have a fulfilling career.

Response 2
The modern world keeps changing each day, thanks mainly to evolving technology. With new ideas and concepts coming up, numerous opportunities are present globally. Technology has powered up significant changes in different sectors of the economy. Vast changes happening in any industry will only call for an adjustment to keep up. In making career choices, a lot of thinking and analysis is involved as one has to go through various disciplines of study to make the right pick. Young people’s career dreams change according to the society they are living in, and do not necessarily adhere to their parents’ career choices that they could otherwise want them to pursue. Therefore, comes the question; should young people be given the right to choose their career path and live up to their dreams, or should the real-world experience from their parents be a consideration in future career selection?
It is within the right of children to choose their careers. Parents must recognize this and accord them full respect. Every individual knows himself better and I believe a young person is no different. Only the youth know their interests and abilities and thus can pursue study areas of interest and make the right career pick. If the youth were to follow the desires and wishes of their parents in career choice, they might not fully embrace it, as their interest is no longer in that area of study. This leads to boredom and pressure might set in during their academic life as they strive to please their parents and attain the right grades.
Elsewhere, having a listening ear to older folk never hurt anyone. Parents desire that their child lives a happier, healthy, and fulfilling life. Often, parents might encounter challenges in raising the young people, and so it remains within their wishes that their children settle well in their future life and experience none of those challenges they faced. Parents have seen the world more than young people have and thus have more valuable experience to support them in their career growth. In this regard, the adult generation is best suited in offering career selections for young people for a bright future.
In my opinion, it is only right that the youth can make career selections for themselves. A career being something that will build or destroy one’s life, it needs to come from within the youth’s interests and passion. However, the parents having a better understanding of what’s good and bad for their kids due to the age difference should make sure the child is well educated and aware of the various courses and available career options in the working world.

Response 3
A proper career planning contributes significantly to lifetime fulfilment in an individual. In making the right career choice, the key to building and shaping one’s life is within their hands. An individual can live a satisfactory experience as they hold an encouraging job, and hence they achieve peace and freedom within their workplace. However, in many cases today, we encounter conflicts in which cultural heritage opposes an individual’s career plan. Debate exists in which a part of society feels the young people ought to pursue careers of their choice freely, while others have the opinion that the older generation should be responsible for future career picks for the youth.
If young people choose their careers, odds are stack high that they will land jobs suitable to their interests and personality traits. Having in their possession, a position of their liking not only guarantees motivation when working but also builds the passion within and contributes to immense productivity. With morale to work high, young people are bound to establish good interpersonal relationships among co-workers. Every nation requires a healthy working youth, free from stress and depression. A harmonious relationship boosts the workplace culture and spells significant productivity and overall growth in the country’s economy.
Elsewhere, the older generation in society feels that young people should not always get their wish and choose careers as to their interests. To them, the youth need to take up careers as to the practical world and consider vital, realistic factors. Young people out to analyse opportunities in the market and know about the current and future job competition trends. The aim of this is that a young person is better placed in their career pick and can gain a substantial competitive advantage in the market place. Also, youth out to pursue careers that offer an exciting compensation package, guarantee job security, and where job skills growth and development over the years is achievable.
In my view, as much as young people should choose careers on their terms following their passion and interests, there is a core need to integrate the current societal factors to ensure a bright and fulfilling future career. Youth need to understand clearly how various factors influence their jobs and put into consideration the potential future effects of such elements in choosing successful careers.

Response 4
In every single day, government entities, corporations, multinational firms, institutions, and companies are always hiring new qualified and skilled individuals to fill up vacant positions within their operations. Many of these vacancies may require young, energetic blood to take up the roles and steer the entities to achieving maximum productivity and success. However, how do these young candidates end up in these roles? Did they willingly choose this career path or was their career decision greatly influenced by an adult; their parent?
Young people find themselves in the often-daunting task of choosing a fruitful career. Every individual desires that they will one day join college and pursue the career of their dreams; An early childhood liking for an activity majorly influenced by their role model, and so they want to be like their role model. Following up and taking a career from childhood dreams has a sense of achievement. Young people should have the chance to actualise these memories, dreams that they have held on for so long. A realised dream has one a better servant not only for their immediate community but also for the nation.
Elsewhere, with so many opportunities available, the young minds can find themselves confused in choosing future careers. These young inexperienced youth have to take career decisions too early in their life, which will affect their whole adulthood. A wrong career choice only can destroy young souls. For this not to happen, the education system, parents, and society is tasked to ensure that right from childhood, the youth receive guidance and support in their career options. To those already in working life, career advice and training is offered to develop their skills to match job requirements.