Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Scenario: Amazing Coffee Houses (ACHs)1

Project Charter

Carla Dempsey


Project Charter
Project Name Establishment of a Coffee Shop Business Project Number A-02803
Project Team Jerry Lawson- Project Manager
Sara Jenkins
Melissa Grant
Mike Green
Michael Ray
Erick Trippier Prioritization High
Owner(s) Edgar McCray & Monica Stephaney Start Date: 1st July 2020
Scheduled Completion Date:
30th August 2020

Mission/ Purpose The project aims at completing a startup coffee shop business. The project is coined to the aspects of administering the needs and requirements of the community whereby the region do not have enough coffee shops with unique, exclusive and operational coffee joints. The project will begin by introducing the mission and vision statements of the new business which will be based on the provision of a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to the customers. The business will also provide quality food and drinks products with exceptional service and entertainment at a reasonable and affordable price. The project will also incorporate the elements of maximizing profits of the new business, create a business clientele, and have competent employees who will help in improving customer satisfaction.

Statement Of Work: Project
Description and Project Product The project intends to involve the process of introducing a coffee shop business. The coffee shop aims at introducing a unique and satisfactory business that will welcome the vast majority of customers in the region. The objectives of introducing the coffee shop business in the region are to offer a competitive environment for the current and available restaurants whereby the new business will provide distinctive products and services to the clients. The project will outline the high-level deliverables for the coffee shop that will be attained after the completion of the project.
The project deliverables will include:
i. Design drawings
ii. Technical interpretation
iii. Tender documentation
iv. Site investigation report
v. Strategic report
vi. Progress report
vii. A completed coffee shop structure

Objectives The main objective of the project is to design a distinctive coffee shop structure and introduce the business that will have a competitive advantage in the market industry.
The project objectives include:
i. Renting a coffee shot building structure – commencement of designing the structure
ii. A Facility with easy entry and exit strategies – effective planning
iii. Innovative interiors – updated design structures
iv. Health and safety targets – implementation of safety settings
v. Smooth movement within the shop – access in and out of the kitchen
vi. Special storage conditions – innovation and planning
vii. Environmental control – green strategies
viii. Energy preservation – use of a solar-powered system
ix. Fire prevention and emergency response – safety and protection
x. Design and structure standards – high-quality standard interior tools
xi. Guidelines for security – secured with an alarm system
xii. Reduced cost facilities – technological development aspects
xiii. Spacious structural facilities – spacious interior designs