Lesson 1
School Name:
ASCA Mindset & Behaviors Addressed
Standard(s) addressed: B-LS 3. Use time-management, organizational and study skills
Instructional Development
Grade Level(s): 4th-5th grade
Summary/Purpose The main purpose of this lesson is to introduce the topic of Addiction to students and to ensure that students comprehensively understand Addiction
Time Frame: 30-35 minutes
Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this lesson, students will be able to effectively
a. Easily define addiction
b. Explain to other students and the class three new things they have learnt about drug addiction

Procedure a. Start by writing the word ADDICTION in capital letters on the board- to capture the attention of students
b. Ask the students to write down- a one sentence- on what they think Addiction means
c. Request them to exchange the books, and anyone whose name starts with A and ends with N to stand up and read what their classmate has written.
d. Now ask the students if they know of
1. someone who is always drunk, 5 days in a week, especially even during daytime working hours
2. A friend who is always on their cellphone even when there is a serious ongoing talk/ discussion
e. Tell them that is two examples of Addiction
f. Give students a chance to reflect and comprehend the two examples
g. Ask the student to work in a group of three to define addiction based on the two examples within 5 minutes.
h. Offer a chance to five groups to read through the definitions
i. Use the two examples to explain to the students the proper meaning of addiction

How will mastery of the behavioral standard(s) be evaluated? Students will be able to comprehensively understand that the concept of addition through the use of team/ group work within the projected time
Learning Resources
Resources needed:
e.g., technology resources, media resources, books, web sites Markers, colored fontpen and peer-review journals
You may include copyrighted materials in “resources needed,” but do not reproduce copyrighted materials in your lesson plan. Non-copyrighted materials need to be reproduced and included with your lesson plan. Cite sources here.  Pickett, J. (2013). Understanding Addiction. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 113(1), 12.
 Bettinardi-Angres, K., & Angres, D. H. (2010). Understanding the disease of addiction. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 1(2), 31-37.