Organizational Change Management (Apple)

Organization Change Context
Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California
The company designs, develop and sell to consumers electronics, computer software, and online services.
It is one of the big tech companies in the world
The company has decided to redesign the employees structure.
The redesign is meant to ensure that the company stays ahead of competition.
Currently, the company is mainly known for Iphones and Macbooks.
The company has to ensure that their improve their products regularly to meet consumers’ expectations.
Redesigning the employees structure will ensure that the company strives towards ensuring that it comes up with new innovation.
The employees can also help the company to identify other companies that they can acquire.
The acquisition is meant to widen products that the company brings to consumers.

Organizational Change Management Challenges
The change impacted the organization structure and work culture at Apple
It was faced with numerous challenges.
Some employees resisted the change
The company was also quite uncertain if the change was going to achieve the desired outcome.
The company had to find the best way to communicate the change
To make the change effective, management needed to come up with strategies, clear goals and objectives.
Culture Management Challenges
Some employees were in denial of the change since they believed that they were not innovative enough
They believed that the company would value innovative employees.
The change was communicated to the employees by authoritative figure.
All employees were included in the communication process.
Training of the employees to assist in endorsing the change
Change managers can help with the training process to help the employees adopt to the changes
Policy to Use
Apple Inc. ensured that it incentivized targeted change recipients to accept the change through co-opting with them (Lewis, Cantore & Passmore, 2016).
The company offered idea bounty to ensure that employees came up with great ideas and got rewarded.
The company also offered creative time off.

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