Media diary work
The media diary shows how I use social media, internet and media at different times of the day from 8th Tuesday to 12th Saturday. There is rich consumption of the media products with everyone having their own motives, (Wulf, 2009)
Tuesday 8th January 2019

Type of media Platform Context

Internet media Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Looking for current updates about know how there night was and how this is because my friends are my doing this because my friends also do this.

Texts Whatsapp To know what is to be done during the day, alone in the house. And to connect with friends and teachers about the class updates.

Internet platform Social media home, drinking evening tea, knowing about friends and watching evening news trends and funny clips.

Internet and texts Whatsapp and messaging Taking supper while browsing on smartphone, chatting in the class group and other groups.

Wednesday 9th January 2019
Time Type Platform Context

Apps Temple run Woke up bored and tired. Using my phone .just escaping from the reality world to the fantasy world of gaming.

Internet Instagram Uploading the pictures I took into my drive Gmail account. Took pictures with friends while arriving at the school. This is to keep memories for future reference.

Television Evening news Watching news on the TV. To get updated of what happened during the day about politics.
Night time

Movie films
Phone Fast and furious movie
Chatting. Feeling bored and tired from the day’s work. Alone in the room while raining. Following class group chats about the order of the day tomorrow.

Thursday 10th January 2019
Time Type Platform Context