Machine Learning Questions

Question 1.
The result of a confusion matrix is as below:
Confusion Matrix Actual value
faulty(0) Good(1)
Prediction faulty(0) 50 3
Good(1) 5 42
What is the accuracy value?
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Question 2.
A researcher has conducted a research to evaluate the relationship between age and the height of the students in a class. His results revealed the correlation of -1.0 between age and height. What is the conclusion of this research?
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There is a strong negative relationship between age and height

There is a strong positive relationship between age and height

There is no relationship between age and height

There is a weak relationship between age and height

Question 3.
Which of the following statements is correct?
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Multivariable and Multivariate regression are the same thing, i.e. each involve multiple features (independent variables) and one response (dependent variable).

There is no way to make a 2-way split on continuous data.

If we complete an analysis and find that there is statistically significant evidence of a relationship between a predictor variable and its corresponding response variable we can safely assert that we know the predictor caused the response.

Decision tree induction algorithms use what is called a greedy strategy but then may only find a local minimum.

Question 4:
Remember the dataset of alligators in Lecture 3 which was about the length and weight of several aligators in Florida. . The variable X is the length of aligator and the Y variable is the weight of them. A researcher decided to use decision tree and designed two steps: X4 . What is the name of this method of splitting?
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Entropy classification

Gini index

Binary splitting

Multi-way splitting

Question 5:
Which one is NOT one of the disadvantages of decision tree?
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In a complex model, it may result to an overfitting

Small variations in features may affect the trees

It is not useful when we have targets with more than 2 levels

If some of the target variables overcome the others, it may result in biased trees

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