Life experience in the farm

Life experience in the farm
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Life is all about the choices we make. Some better than others. However, these choices define the course or paths we take in life and they are to a larger extent determined by several factors including our past history and the environments we have set foot on along the way. Growing up in a farm in a small town in the countryside in a family of four; two boys and two girls everything revolved around the farm and the farm work.
Farm life was characterized by wonderful scenes of green nature; trees, grass, crops and wonderful animals. The joyous noises of dogs barking, cows mooing, birds chirping, chicken clucking and machineries being operated within the farm never stole away the unexplainable deep peace and serenity felt all through as we inhaled the fresh air and enjoyed the green grass under our bare feet. It was a beehive of activities, from the rising to the setting of the sun. The farm work meant that there was always one thing or the other to be attended to from feeding the animals, tilling the land, harvesting crops, storing the harvest, market visits, vet visits, clearing and cleaning the compound to picking fruits and so much more. Growing up in the farm as a child was all fun and games, running around freely without a care in the world, seeing the cows bring forth new life, eggs hatching, a seed planted growing into a beautiful crop that would later be harvested and cooked for dinner. The experiences were tremendously mind blowing for any small child. There was always something to learn and experience, never a dull moment. We gained a lot of respect for nature and how nature works, a deep appreciation for hard work and diligence as we saw the time and effort everyone involved put into getting everything to work in harmony.