Improving Competitive Advantages of Hasbro through Green Supply Chain

In the current global landscape, it is crucial to have a unique operational strategy that ensures other institutions are not in a position to match the competence of the institution. There are various strategies that the management needs to consider, which are fundamental in improving the market position of the given entity. It is also essential to gain an understanding of the changes on the global scale because it ensures that the management comes up with effective changes that guarantee the growth and development of the given entity. Over the years, there have been evolving supply chain systems, and a handful of them tend to affect the environmental condition, and this will affect the future of different corporate entities in the future. Hasbro Inc. is an international corporation that is fashioned with the development of toys, board games, and other viable entertainment equipment. Being a major or an enormous institution, the stock is the market value is the highest compared to other institutions in the same industry. Further, the situation aids in improving the overall revenue, which is at $5.12 billion, making it the third-largest institution in the globe. With the profound success, to maintain the stature of operation, the incorporation of a green supply chain will be a significant additive in the institution. Whereas competitive advantage can be improved through various mechanisms such as increased capital investment and ventures into new markets, the evolution of green supply management at Hasbro will be of utmost importance.
1.1 Nature of Business, Product, and Service
The process of improving the aspect of competitive advantage requires one to have sufficient information on how the particular scheme will be of the essence in the process of enhancing the firm’s competitive advantage. The statement posits that there needs to be sufficient mechanisms or avenues which can be set in place with the aid of separating the activities of the institution from other facilities. Hasbro Inc. is a corporation that aims at establishing itself in the global field, and that is why the supply chain system adheres to the global corporate requirements. The nature of the business undertaken by the entity is to come up with unique designs and mechanisms which best satisfy the interests and the well being of the community.
The institution offers a diverse range of products, and this is the reason it remains relevant in the business landscape. It goes without mentioning that there needs to be a significant intervention that ensures that the practices set in place adequately improve the overall situation of the entity. There are various brands that Hasbro Inc. is associated with, and the diversity in the brands is also a significant attribute. Some of the notable brands include Transformers, Hasbro gaming, Nerf rival, Ferreal, among many others. The diversification of the products is significant because it provides the institution an easy reach to many clients within a short period. Additionally, the categorization ensures that all the tastes and preferences of the clients are satisfied in the long run.
In the evaluation of the services at Hasbro Inc., it is notable that the institution acknowledges the importance of the client base and the services offered are streamlined. The firm recognizes the need for providing efficient services to the customers as this aid in increased client retention rates. Gooding & Gul (2016) notes that any given supply chain is set in place to improve the services of a given corporate entity. In addition, the services need to be unique and adhere to the principles which have been set in place in the global landscape. Hasbro Inc. is an institution that showcases profound and effective services, and this is why it is a worldwide toy factory. The institution has an active website with chatbots and admins who are ready to cater to the problems and issues presented by the clients. Further, the open communication channels are of utmost importance as it aids to share ideas regarding the wants and needs of the client, which helps in the overall condition of the facility. From this, there is a competitive advantage that is created and works to improve the overall productivity of the business.
1.2 Nature of competitor
In any corporate venture, different competitors are in existence, and thus, the management should come up with a unique avenue of addressing the issue. Chen & Lin (2018) carry out a particular position regarding the competition in the toy industry, and he provides a specific situation which the institutions consider in the production process. Though most corporations in other sectors consider providing the clients with the components of their choice, in the toy industry, the design of the product, the production process, and the materials used in the production process are some of the differentiating factors which the corporations consider. It goes without mentioning that Hasbro Inc. has worked vehemently to ensure it outsmarts its competitors. In this case, some of the major competitors include LEGO, MGA entertainment, Moose toys, Mattel, among many others. The competitors compete with the institution on different levels, and thus, Hasbro Inc. has always tried to come up with strategies that can provide them an added advantage over these corporations.
From the list of competitors, Mattel Corporation is one of the major competitors for the institution. Since its inception in 1945, the institution has continued to gain global recognition, and to date, it has become a multi-national institution. With its headquarters in El Segundo, California, the institution has grown and expanded to various nations around the globe, and this is attributable to the vast revenues which are generated in the institution. To maintain its corporate image, the institution has fused with different brands, and this has been a significant growth point as well as ensured its growth. Similar to the partnership of Hasbro with the transformers brand, Mattel has partnered with Jurassic World, and this has been a major booster to the sales and distribution of the products. From this, it is clear that the institution tends to operate the same strategies with Hasbro Inc., and thus, it is essential to come up with other approaches that best separates the entity from other enterprises.
1.3 Dissertation Objectives and Research Objective
While aiming to change the landscape of any given corporation, there is a need to check into some unique attributes which are different from other entities. For instance, Distelhorst, Hainmueller & Locke (2017) affirms that having a comprehensive labor position helps in improving the motivation, work ethic as well as the output emanating from such quarters. The supply chain management needs to be inclusive and reduce the wastage, which is experienced in the production process. Going green is an initiative that can best improve the selling position for the transformers brand in Hasbro Inc. Therefore, the dissertation will seek to address the current production structure of the firm and some of the significant changes that need to be discussed in the process of enhancing the competitive advantage of the corporation.
The research objective for the dissertation is;
1. To establish mechanisms of improving the competitive advantage of Hasbro Inc. through the incorporation of green supply chain management.
2. To determine strategies that Hasbro Inc. can make use of to improve the competitive advantage of the Transformers brand.

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