Health variation

Health Variation
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Health Variation
Question 1
Explain the pathogenesis causing the clinical manifestations with which Poppy presents.
In reference to the case, Poppy, a 9-year-old female was diagnosed with acute exacerbations of asthma. The cells and stimulus involved in exacerbation underlying the inflammation of the airway depend on the type of stimulus or allergen (Sullivan et al., 2016). Inversion of allergen results to antigen presentation by the dendritic cell which leads to elevated levels of mast cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes and CD4. The increase in levels of these cells in the airway leads to airway inflammation, intermitted airflow obstruction and bronchial hyperresponsivenes thus leading to air restrictions. Breathing and expiration becomes labored thus causing the clinical manifestations of asthma.

Question 2
a). Sit Poppy in a high Fowlers position
-How does positioning a patient with acute asthma in a High Fowlers position assist to alleviate respiratory distress?
Fowler’s position is the best position for patients with respiratory distress or shortness of breath as in the case of Poppy. The positioning of a patient in a high Fowler position helps to alleviate respiratory distress in that it facilitates the relaxing tension of the abdominal muscles and eases compression of the chest that occurs as a result of gravity thus improving intake of Oxygen.

b). Apply and titrate oxygen

i)-What oxygen delivery device will you use?
Hudson masks
ii)-Why did you choose this device?
Hudson masks remains as one of the devices that are utilized to deliver supplemental oxygen to patients with respiratory distress like in the case of Poppy. The device has variable performance with maximum oxygen concentration of up to 60 percent. The merits of using this device is that it has side holes which are designed to allow the patient to in draw room air during respiration. According to (Levy et al (2016), when high-flow of oxygen is needed during the treatment of acute asthma, it is necessary to ensure high-flow masks such as Hudson masks are utilized as they bring the desired concentration of oxygen.

iii)-How does providing supplemental oxygen work and how will it assist Poppy?
Providing supplemental oxygen to Poppy will help her restore her homeostasis which is maintained by the respiratory system. Restoration of homeostasis balance that is gas exchange and regulation of blood ph in the body will help in the regulation of many physiological factors like pressure, temperature, and oxygen nutrient concentrations. Besides, supplemental oxygen has been evidenced to improve the quality of life and survival as it relieves the patient from shortness of breath and fatigue (Mims, 2015).