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Title: Analysis of Emerging Trends of Globalization
Abstract. The research paper ought to examine the modern and ancient trends of globalization and its major foundations. This paper will look into the methods and means of globalization and its effects to the sovereignty of nation states. This paper found that independent nation states are at the verge of losing their legitimacy post industrial revolution. The past colonial borders fade with the introduction of regional economic blocs. We will also look at the possible solutions to the negative effects of globalizations in form of recommendations. The study found that it is necessary to protect nation states from demises orchestrated by globalization. We also found that there exist laws and regulations though they are weak ones. These laws are either too lax to keep large corporations into check or are ignored all together
Introduction. Globalization being one of those tents at the core of prosperity of nation states is a major support for the building and other structures of diplomatic relations. Globalization works by laying a solid foundation below ground level by substituting stronger for weaker material thereby forming a basis for proper interactions. The evidence of globalization is everywhere but not everybody is in support of it. Some groups argue that globalization is responsible for many of the global problems like global warming and the production of harmful chemical, depilation of natural resources. Some groups also claim that T&Cs are taking advantage of developing states by polluting industries within their borders, logging their tropical forests and depleting their labor ,spread of diseases and plagues evidence by the current Covid -19 pandemic. Other concerns are the loss of local culture. The tendency of developed countries to interfere into the affairs of developing countries and the reduced power of governments to control economic activities is also a major concern. However, there are people who support globalization and suggest that it benefits individuals in the global community. supporters of globalizations say that it results in faster economic growth, quicker access to new technology, cheaper imports and greater competition. Supporters of globalization also argue that it will make the world economy more efficient and create hundred and millions of jobs mainly in the developing countries.

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