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The Taxi Driver film and its Connection to the American Dream

The American dream is a concept that has multiple distinctive meanings. In the taxi
driver film, where the characters are fighting for a chance to be happy and having options to do
what makes them happy is an actual depiction of the American dream. The taxi driver film
features Travis Bickle as the main character. He is lonely and suffers from insomnia. Travis takes
a job as a taxi driver in New York City; the cab business entailed working during the day and
night. He also used to visit porn theatres for pornographic films; this was driven by his
loneliness. While moving around the city, Travis dreamt of cleaning up the mucky city. He met
Betsy, who was a campaign volunteer for a senator and presidential candidate Charles Palantine,
and was obsessed with her. He enters the volunteer in the excuse of talking to her, and he takes
her out for coffee. He also took her to porn theatre, and she was offended and left him and went
home alone. Travis compelled himself to save the world. He planned to assassinate the
presidential candidate and then saving a twelve-year-old prostitute.
Travis is frequently changing his view on his situation. At the onset of the film, he
complains of a lack of sleep and being alone, and he tries to change his position by acquiring a
taxi driver job, which would keep him busy since he could not sleep, and he also tries to get a girl
to cub his loneliness. When things do not turn as expected, he blames on predetermined fate. He
says he is made to be "God's lonely man." He now thinks he has no control over what he does
and plans to assassinate the presidential candidate and shoot himself. The shooting fails, and now