Erosion of women’s rights to abortion in the United States

Argumentative essay
Erosion of women’s rights to abortion in the United States
What comes in your mind when you hear that your best friend has aborted? What do you think of when your girlfriend ends her pregnancy without your consent? These are some of the questions that determines how the society has for a long time viewed the act of abortion. There is a very huge controversy between the ideas of legalizing abortion or making it illegal. The different cultural and religious beliefs all have their own preferences on this topic. Views against abortion has for a long time led to violent and non-violent riots in many states. The belief against this act is that people are abusing the main purpose of abortion and using it as a method of birth control. Some cultural backgrounds in many countries including the United States of America believe that abortion should be abolished completely since it is a form, of murder. Many others also believe in the phrase, “your body, your choice”. This phrase in United states means that if you wish to get an abortion within the legal three months period after conception then it is not considered a murder but out of the mother’s choice. After the three months then the baby is considered a new being and must be taken care of. Abortion therefore refers to the deliberate or undeliberate removal of the fetus from the mother’s womb before read to survive in the outside environment. It is not advisable to judge women harshly when they decide to abort. There are many reasons why a mother would decide to end her pregnancy. Making abortion illegal is harmful and unfair to women who have genuine reasons for this act.
Reasons for abortion
Before you judge your best friend it is good to know the reasons behind abortion. You should try to research the reasons why women in the United States abort before you chase your girlfriend away. Research conducted among various women indicated that women had similar reasons for terminating the lives of their unborn children. first, most women argued that having a baby would interfere with their career and education, ability to care for their younger siblings and the inability to take care of the baby at the time of was therefore concluded that women who had abortion had a feeling that they were not ready for pregnancy and financial issue becoming a major this not a valid reason? Why should you bring an innocent child on this cruel world and later leave him/her suffer? Various states have mended the laws to exempt the cases where abortion is considered illegal or legal.