Emotional Expression

How I freely express my emotions
My emotional intelligence is quite strong and I express my emotions freely without a sign of disconnection from my senses or stability. This mostly involves handling my emotions for them to serve–rather than maybe undermine the person(s) I’m dealing with. I try not to “manage” or rather suppress the emotive feelings, but instead I pause for some time enough and put into consideration ways in which I communicate my entire feelings which makes me better off afterwards.
Also, I frequently depict some empathy which brings me closer to everyone I come into contact with, and though there is a possibility of going overboard, I at times when showing my empathy weaken my ability to talk or respond at the moment.
Whom I express myself freely to
I mostly express myself more freely and with independence to my male best friend. This is highly attributed to my discern for self-expression. I previously learnt that self-expression holds the power to change and transform my life. By doing so, I realize that I can as well live my life in alignment with who I’m, and authentically express this to the world.
For me I realized this transcends down from my family as well as the cultural background which makes it easy for me to express myself to my close confidant(s). Subsequently, I’m always amazed at how profoundly this perspective of expression had been lifting me, something that happens on the background without my realization.
Apparently, this attribute is not for everyone. This is highly caused by fear , can be due to fear and also not even knowing ways of doing it. So, every so often, people try to fit in among the masses which consequently results to inner tension.
Least Freely
I rarely express my emotions to my family members. This is because I consider their judgement a little too harsh, critical and unrealistic. Also, their behaviour of labelling my expression in an unpleasant manner before renders it hard for me to forget about it and the fear of being judged again even as time passes by. Therefore, I consider expressing myself freely to friends since they have a capability of seeing us more open-mindedly than we may see or perceive ourselves. Aforementioned implies that there is bigger chance that they may tell or express to me something that I could not realize about yourself.