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Drug Use
Drug use is a global issue that is affecting both developing and already developed countries. The majority of drug users are younger people, especially adolescents. The youths who have been exposed to drugs tend to have delinquent and risk-taking behaviors such as violence, theft, and murder. The commonly abused drugs by adolescents include tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, heroin, and cocaine. Nevertheless, many organizations have been trying to come up with programs to handle the use of drugs. This annotated bibliography will provide several sources that are critical for analyzing the current policing responses used to respond to drug use.

Joudo, J. and Joudo, J., 2008. Responding to substance abuse and offending in Indigenous communities: a review of diversion programs. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology.
This paper suggests that the overrepresentation of native individuals in the criminal justice system has always been an issue of concern. The study conducted shows that drug use among the native or indigenous offenders is very high than other people. Offending is one of the risk-taking behaviors related to drug use where it may involve theft, murder, rape, among other crimes. The relationship between offending and the use of drugs is a significant field of interest to researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The issue has given the motivation for the creation of diverting initiatives and programs whose objective is to lower the offending rates by addressing the drug use in society. The key intention of these initiatives and plans is to reduce the probability of moving further into the offensive ways.
The Australian Criminology Institute was contracted in 2006 by the department of the Attorney General. This institute was contracted to evaluate the government’s response to domestic drug use and related risk behaviors. Initially, the entire activity rotated around assessing the extent and type of diversion initiatives and programs that are effective currently. It also touched on barriers and accessibility to completion and participation. This particular report gives an outline of the programs mentioned earlier. The results suggest that there is a critical need to take note of drug use problems involved in alcohol and inhalants since they are much neglected in many diversion programs. The policymakers are much interested in the issues raised a brighter and broader distribution of information to improve access to appropriate treatment and cross-check the eligible criteria for these diversion programs.
The source is very crucial for the analysis of contemporary policing responses used to respond to drugs because it highlights the current reactions of Australia to drug use and related offences. The source will help in expounding the labelling theory and edge-work of risk-taking behaviors across the globe.

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