CPSC165 – Introduction to Internet Concepts and Web Design principles

CPSC165 – Introduction to Internet Concepts and Web Design principles

Spring 2020

Final Project: Build a moderate-size Web Site

Submission due: Friday, June 26, 2020 (11:59pm)


Project Description


In this project you will build a moderate-size Web site. The theme of the Web site is decided by the members of your project group. Each group will have 4 members, and each member should contribute equally to the project. The due date to submit Your project on Canvas is on Friday June 26, 2020 at 11:59 pm.


  • Website should have around 15 pages (minimum 13 pages)
  • Each of those pages should use same or similar style, so that the pages look like they belong to the same website.
  • Each page should have meaningful title (Using the same title for all pages; is not considered meaningful).
  • You should have a consistent navigation, for example if you have a menu which links to different pages, the menu should appear in the same place in all pages, so that users can easily find the menu and be able to navigate to different pages.
  • You should use one external stylesheet and optionally internal stylesheets in different pages. The stylesheet should contain only the rules which are common to more than 2 pages. The internal stylesheet should contain rules which are used only in one particular page. You can also use HTML attributes.
  • You should organize all the pages in a good structure
  • If you want to use a layout I didn’t introduce in the class, that’s OK too
  • Your pages should be easy to read, easy to navigate. The text, border, background etc. should be contrasting, and don’t need to use too many different colors.
  • You should have enough text and at least 5 images in your website. You’re also encouraged to add some multi-media contents (audio, video, etc.) if you want.
  • You should have at least a table and a list in your website.
  • You’re allowed to use some CSS techniques or scripts developed by others, only in the circumstances that you adopted and modified it to fit your website. Copying is not allowed, and you will automatically get zero if such action is detected.
  • If you’re using an image then use the Absolute address to that image in the src attribute (use the image address on the web). Do not download the image into your desktop computer, just use its online address in your code.
  • Add html comments for each section in the html document.
  • Creativity will be a factor in grading your project
  • Add a section called contributions as html comments in the HTML code. In the contribution section you need to specify what every team member did exactly in the project (which part in the project was done by each team member)

Project Ideas

  • A personal website of your own
  • A website of an organization/association you know or involved
  • A website for promoting a cool idea you have
  • A website for promoting an activity you enjoy doing
  • A website for teaching something (may be an online tutorial of some sort), in which you’re good at like games, sports, music, etc.


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