Computation technologies have transformed advertising and marketing practices

Computation technologies have transformed advertising and marketing practices. Write
a 2000 word essay that critically reflects and discusses these changes by focusing on one area we have
covered in the first five week of this module.

Essay has to be in Harvard Style and has to use the readings attached.

Module Description;

The module will observe current phenomena and case studies to the aim of unpacking what are the main advertising and marketing principles, and how these are applied, reshaped or newly created within and by digital and mobile technologies. The module will enable students to grasp concepts such as viral marketing, hype and engagement, and frame their relevance in digital cultures. Students who undertake this module will learn how to critically examine existing advertising and marketing campaigns and will develop an understanding of business approaches to advertising and marketing in the digital realm. The module will provide students with knowledge on independent creative work in a digital advertising or marketing context, and is conceived as an essential prerequisite for those willing to build a career in the social media industry. This module will provide students with foundational knowledge of digital advertising and digital marketing. The module will critically contextualise advertising and marketing practice in the digital domain and provide the fundamental theoretical underpinnings to promotional cultures. The module will critically analyse past and present trends in advertising and marketing, combining theoretical concepts with practical insights to provide students with the essential body of skills that are required for the creative development of advertising and marketing campaigns in the digital domain.

Essay requirements:

Please Note: You are asked to write an essay of 2,000 words on this question, backing up your argument with concrete examples whenever possible. Be sure to develop your argument by consulting at least 8 sources, 4 of which must be academic, peer-reviewed sources.
Please rely primarily on the core readings for this modules to complete this assessment. The assessment requires that you include at least one of the assigned readings reading. Please take care to cite all references carefully with Harvard Referencing to avoid any possibility of inadvertent plagiarism. Marking Criteria

The major criteria are:
• The essay should present a coherent and tightly argued examination of the issues raised in the question which critically engages with the readings from at least one week of literature we have covered on this subject, failure to include at least one reading will result in a lower grade. It will be assessed on:
• the quality of the argument presented
• the relevance of the evidence used to support it
• the quality of your sources
• the extent to which it contextualises the literature on the subject and the manner in which it critically engages with it
• its conformance to the word limit of 2000 words. Secondary considerations are:
• The essay should be written in clear and correct English
• The essay should be attractively presented with correct bibliographic references for all cited materials. Note the bibliography does not form part of the 2000 word limit for this essay.