COM 705 WEEK 2 Annotated Bibliography

Resources: Annotated Bibliography Formatting Sample An annotated bibliography is a reference list in which each entry is followed by an annotation or description of the source.

For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you must:

  • Follow the formatting as outlined in the Annotated Bibliography Formatting Sample in the Week Two Materials section of the COM/705 course page. You may lose points for failing to the use the correct format.
  • Include an APA-formatted title page.
  • Include four sources (one from each database listed below).
  • Include a 1-paragraph annotation in your own words for each source.
  • List the source and search engine used as a separate entry at the end of your assignment.  Follow this format:

·         Barker (2006) – ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database

·         Smith (2012) – EBSCOhost

·         Jones & Bartlett (2014) – SAGE Journals

·         Zinman (2010) – ProQuest

Begin this assignment by thinking of a topic you might like to research for your doctoral dissertation (or to publish an article in your field). Some examples include: “Female Leadership in the Aerospace Industry” or “Multiple Intelligences in Elementary Students.” You will use this research topic to create your annotated bibliography. Access the University Library by clicking on the Library tab on the student website. On the Library page, click on the University Library link. Select an article from each of the following databases to complete the Annotated Bibliography assignment:

  • Dissertations & Theses 

·         Click Books, Dissertations, and Theses under Library Resources

·         Click Dissertations & Theses@University of Phoenix. You will be directed to the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

·         Type in your research topic key words.

·         Click on the box to limit your results to “Full text documents only.”

·         Find a dissertation that relates to your topic.

·         Make a note of all necessary information to reference the article in APA format.

·         Download and skim the full-text version of the dissertation.

·         Identify two or three key points from the dissertation that describe the study you selected.

·         Summarize these points in a paragraph using your own words. The paragraph will serve as your annotation for this source.

  • ProQuest. 

·         Click General Resources under Library Resources

·         Click ProQuest

·         Click on the boxes that say “Full text documents only” and “Scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed.”

·         Type in your research topic.

·         Select one article to review, and read the full-text article.

·         Make a note of all necessary information to reference the article in APA format.

·         Write a paragraph summarizing the article in your own words.

  • EBSCOhost

·         Click on General Resources under Library Resources