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*Case study 1:*
*The CEO of Starbucks and the Practice of Ethical Leadership*

Starbucks may be a favorite spot for many, especially coffee lovers. However, not everyone knows beyond what they grab from Starbucks. A common mantra states everything, and everyone around has a story. This does not leave behind the Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson. Research shows that Kevin Johnson has faced several leadership tests, right after a year of serving. Accusations made included racism and discrimination, subsequently leading the public to refer to this as unethical. It becomes more daunting having coffee lovers on a global scale.
Drastic changes followed in different stores across the world. Customers expressed their opinions and negative reviews online. The case study will discuss a daunting test Sir Kevin Johnson faced along with his ethical leadership practices.
*The Philadelphia Starbucks*
The store usually operated just as a regular and casual day. Unfortunately, this was to change when two black men walked in. Sources state that the men were waiting to meet a business associate. However, the staff seems not to comply with the men’s agenda while at the store. The men had not ordered anything on their wait. This forced the manager to have them leave. However, the two black men declined and explained that they were waiting for their associate. Police were called to arrest the two men, and as this happened, a woman recorded the incidence on her mobile. It was not long until the video went viral, and the public shared their sentiments.
Additionally, the mobile video shows the two black men’s associates showing up during their arrest. He is even seen trying to find out what the men had done wrong, but no response was given to him. The events happened on a Thursday, and Johnson had the store manager no longer working at the store on the respective Monday. What followed was a protest and against the Philadelphia Starbucks and sit-ins at the store. The act explained the public’s love for Starbucks, but the arrest of the men was abhorrent and diminishing.
*Creating a community and ethical conduct*
It was not long until the arrest that CEO Kevin Johnson regretfully came out to apologize to the public, through a short follow up video and statement. On his defend, he stated that the acts on the video are not up to the company’s values and missions. Having a welcoming environment is paramount for every Starbuck store, but the incidence was shameful, and actions were taken against the manager. He also added that Starbuck’s training and practices might have undoubtedly led to an unfortunate outcome. Additionally, he opened up, stating that the call made to the Philadelphia police department was not right.
*Clarifying culture*
Sources state that initially, the company had no policy for customers to leave. Having each store manager solely decide on the next action. Starbucks later became a community hub, welcoming everyone to sit at any store worldwide and not having to spend any money. That flexible policy showed the company’s resilience and acceptance of the ‘mistake’ made. Additionally, it was a manifestation of Johnson’s apology statement of a Starbucks that is welcoming and friendly to everyone.
*Johnson’s ethical leadership practices*
Johnson may not have displayed all ethical leadership practices, but a few should be accredited. Through his action of closing all Starbucks stores for a ‘third space policy’ and training, expressed the CEO’s profound willingness to create a community. Also, it is evident that he openly encouraged ethical conduct through his statement. Lastly, he clarified culture when he mentioned the company’s mission and values.
Errors are made, but this does not limit as to whether it is individually or as a company. What matters most is how one reacts to a mistake. Retaining one’s name and dignity is vital and might be considered wise. From the Starbucks incidence, a lot can be learned if not emulated from Kevin Johnson’s actions. Generally, a few lessons can be depicted by how Starbucks got up from the trip.