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Nurse burnout and fatigue have continued to be one of the significant challenges facing many hospitals. Due to this, hospitals are required to implement appropriate policies to balance nursing working hours and home activities (Peters, 2018). This paper evaluates four significant articles which are related to nursing burnout. The first article aims to gain insights into the prevalence of burnout syndrome among nurses. The second article seeks to investigate the compassion satisfaction, the cause of fatigue as well as the reason for the development of nurse burnout. The third article evaluates how working conditions enhance the development of job dissatisfaction and nurse fatigue. The fourth article evaluates the significance of 12-hour policy on reducing the occurrence of nurse burnout and fatigue.

Full citation of the selected article
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Article #4

Gómez-Urquiza, J. L., De la Fuente-Solana, E. I., Albendín-García, L., Vargas-Pacino, C., Ortega-Campos, E. M., & Cañadas-De la Fuente, G. A. (2017). Prevalence of burnout syndrome in emergency nurses: A meta-analysis. Critical care nurse, 37(5), e1-e9.

Hunsaker, S., Chen, H. C., Maughan, D., & Heaston, S. (2015). Factors that influence the development of compassion fatigue, burnout, and compassion satisfaction in emergency department nurses. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 47(2), 186-194.

Nantsupawat, A., Kunaviktikul, W., Nantsupawat, R., Wichaikhum, O. A., Thienthong, H., & Poghosyan, L. (2017). Effects of nurse work environment on job dissatisfaction, burnout, and intention to leave. International nursing review, 64(1), 91-98.

Thompson, B. J. (2019). Does work-induced fatigue accumulate across three compressed 12-hour shifts in hospital nurses and aides? PloS one, 14(2). https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0211715

Why you chose this article and how it relates to the clinical issue of interest (include a brief explanation of the ethics of research related to your clinical issue of importance)

The reason for selecting this article is to gain significant insight into the prevalence of burnout syndrome among nurses. This is closely related to the effects of the nurse burnout since it gives some of the syndromes of exhaustion among the nurses. The ethical considerations of the welfare of nurses when collecting the data. For instance, the study did not conceal any personal data belonging to the nurses.

The reason for selecting this article is to understand the factors that cause compassion fatigue and the development of burnout among the nurses. The ethical issue considered by the study includes hiding the identity of the nurses as well as finding their data while collecting data.