BMGT 365 Week 6 Discussion

Discussion #1

Directions: Read the Case Scenario and answer the questions using course materials to support your reasoning and conclusions.  Post the answers to your questions in the Week 6 Discussion by Saturday at 11:59 p.m. eastern time.

Respond to a minimum of three classmates by Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. eastern time in the following manner: select ONE of the recommendations provided by your classmate and explain why you think this recommendation would work, or why it would not work. Use course materials to support your opinion, reasoning and conclusions.

Case Scenario

Mr. Barney, the CEO, has received your memo request to be considered for further leadership positions.  He has decided to put you to the test!  He assigns you to help his Director of Payroll, Loretta Cash with a problem.

You walk over to Payroll and visit Loretta.  She is visibly upset.  She has just received her annual performance review from her manager.  This is a 6-month review, as Loretta was recently assigned to this role after working with great success for 10 years in another area of the Accounting Department.  As part of this review, her manager interviewed the six members of the Payroll Department, who all answer to Loretta. Loretta shares with you some of their comments:

“Loretta marched in here thinking she knows everything.  She doesn’t want to listen to any of our ideas.  It’s her way or the highway.”

“We really don’t know Loretta all that well.  She keeps to herself…except of course when payroll deadlines are due, and then she’s all over our backs.”

“She acts as if she is perfect.  I’m scared of getting yelled at when I make a mistake.”

“Most times, Loretta is fine, but when we have a deadline she micromanages us.  I literally dread coming in to work on days payroll is due because I know Loretta will be watching over us like a hawk.”

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